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What NOT To Buy At Thrift or Consignment Shops

May 21, 2024

Part 1 – Clothing

what not to buy on consignment
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When I first mentioned this topic to my husband he looked at me as if I was nuts. “You’re going to tell them what NOT to buy? Don’t you WANT them to buy things?” I get where he’s coming from. Owning a home consignment store selling things is how I bring home the bacon. But I have learned, after nearly 20 years of doing so, what NOT to buy at thrift or on consignment. I’m going to bring you my tips in two parts: today clothing items and next time home goods and furniture.

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#1 Thing Not to Buy at Thrift or On Consignment: Shoes

I LOVE shoes. It would probably even be a fair to say that I have way too many. But I will NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, buy used shoes. Shoes mold and wear to the wearer. The bottom of my running shoes look wholely different than the bottoms of Bruce’s, even though we walk and run the same courses daily. It has to due with our respective weights (mine being soo much less than his,of course, LOL), distribution of body mass, length of stride, etc. Used shoes, according to several podiatrists I researched, are not healthful for the next wearer due to this fact alone. The other, more disturbing fact is that shoes can harbor a number of germs including danerous bacteria and fungus. If you must buy second-hand shoes, makes sure that they are nearly new, not heavily worn and have been disinfected properly.

Insider Tips: It is especially immportant, when buying shoes for children, to shy away from used shoes whenever possible. Because their feet and bodies are not fully formed the wrong foootwear can be even more unhealthful.

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Another Category of Things NOT to Buy At Thrift or On Consignment: Bathing Suits and Undergarments

I think that this one is pretty self-explanatory so I’m not going to spend a ton of time here. Unless undergarments are new and in the package, buyer beware! If it’s a bthing suit, with the tags and the sanitary strip, it still doesn’t matter because people remove and reapply those stickers ALL the time. This one is just a big old yuck.

what not to buy thrift
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Sleepwear and Activewear Are Also No-No’s

I am 61 years old. Being a woman of a “certain age” I sometimes get randomly hot in the middle of the night. You know what I’m talking about ladies. And what these random, tropical waves mean is that I sweat in my sleepwear. A lot of people, not just me, do the same. Activewear, by it’s very nature is also full of sweat. This is why I wouldn’t recommend buying items in either of these categories secondhand. The only exceptions to this are items that are new with the tags or items that you are able to wash in HOT water.

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