best things about thrift

One of The Best Things About Thrifting

June 30, 2024
best things about thrift
Photo by Dương Nhân on Pexels

I’ll readily admit it – I’m biased when it comes to consignment and thrift. I’ve owned my home consignment store for the better part of twenty years. I think it’s one of the best ways to buy home decor and decorate a home. But there’s something else that is one of the best things about thrifting: it’s all the things you learn. So today, let me show you what I mean with a little game that I like to call: What The Heck Is That? And don’t judge me for the most pathetic ruler in the history of ever. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Some of the Best Things About Thrifting Have To Do With Food

Here are three great examples I pulled from the shelves of Consignments Ltd. Insider tip, in case you missed the heading: they all have to with food. Number 1, the 10″ wide by 10″ tall circle is made of pottery. As you can probably guess, it’s some kind of decanter, but the funny thing about it is that it’s a traveling wine jug. Yup. Slip your arm through that baby and your Merlot goes with you wherever you want!

Number 2 is a tiny glass bowl, standing only about an inch high. No, it’s not a soup bowl for a mouse. It’s actually a salt cellar or open salt. There was usually one for each person at the table and it provides a way for someone to salt their food without a shaker. They often came with a tiny spoon to do just that, but those puppies are really hard to come by.

Lastly, we have number 3 in this batch and it’s kind of a softball. The ribbed cone in the center of this shell dish should be your clue. This dish is called a reamer. Some people will also call it a juicer. It’s for when life hands you lemons and you want to make lemonade.

And Now For The Harder Ones…

Number 4 is made of crystal and looks like a mini barbell or a hand weight for dolls. That is NOT what it is. The Victorians thought these babies were a must on any well-set table. Like the salt cellar above, there was one at each place setting. What you’re looking at is a knife rest. A place to put the blade of your dirty knife that keeps it from soiling the table linens. Pretty smart idea, huh?

I think that number 5 is the hardest one in this whole article. I did not know what it was myself, but please don’t tell my antique dealer mother. She’d be aghast at her lapse in training. Number 5… wait for it.. is a set of corn butterers. Yes. You read that right. Put you little pad of butter in the receptacle and run it all over the cob. It would never hold enough butter for this girl, but that’s another story.

Lastly, we have the dainty little nude figurine. And from the first view that’s all you’d think it is. But from the sideways view you get a clue with the little holes that surround the base. This little lady is what they call a flower frog. She sits in the middle of a bowl or low vase and you use the holes to place your flowers for your arrangement. Sweet, don’t you think? And learning about all these crazy objects is one of the best things about thrifting.

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Hope you enjoyed the game, my friends. We will do it again soon. Happy Sunday. Marianne

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