Do’s and Don’t’ s When Applying For A Summer Job

May 26, 2024

The part-time job market is still pretty one-sided where I live. There are signs up all over my town for open positions. And there are so few candidates for so many jobs. I feel the pain of these local businesses. It’s tough out there. When we are looking for someone for a few hours at my retail store, it feels as if we are competing against seemingly everyone in the free world to fill the spot. I have a great staff, but it’s never easy to find someone. These signs make me think about part-time jobs and job interviews and finding a job. And even in this job-seeker-oriented market I’m thinking about the do’s and don’ts of applying for a summer job.

Here are some random thoughts on the topic. I hope you enjoy them, or share them, especially if you or someone you know are hoping to score a great, part-time gig any time soon…

1. Show Up On Time. It’s A Basic In The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying For A Job

Everyone’s time is important. I don’t want to waste yours and no hiring manager wants you to waste theirs. Bruce loves to say, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. And if you’re late, you’re rude.” Live by these words when you are applying for a summer job. If you are applying for a job, plan to get there early (sit in the parking lot if you have to). It goes a long way. The hiring manager sees how much you care and what you will bring to the job even before they’ve spoken to you. It’s a simple courtesy that will pay huge dividends in your job search.

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2. Read The Job Description When Applying For A Summer Job

I scored my first big corporate job, for a Fortune 50 financial services company, partly because I could answer truthfully when asked the question: Have you worked in a New York advertising agency? Technically speaking I had, because I had worked in the Connecticut branch of a NYC firm. So I answered yes. I got the interview. And I got the job. But it was a stretch. Job descriptions are the road map to drive you to the perfect job. If you read the description, have the skills and can see yourself in the role… apply. If it’s not a good fit for your skills, no amount of talking in the interview is going to make it work. It’s one of the easiest do’s and don’ts when applying for a summer job.

3. And Finally, Please Don’t Tell The Hiring Manager These Whoppers…

Here’s the part where sometimes people get a little crazy. Go into the interview and wear your common sense hat. Think about what you are saying when you’re talking to a hiring manager, even for a part-time job. You are applying for a job after all, not applying to be the hiring manager’s best friend. So please don’t tell them some of these things that I have heard from candidates who have applied at Consignments Ltd., like:

  • Your life story (I was born in a small, log cabin in Mississippi) : Stick to the skills you bring to the job and experiences you have had that are relevant.
  • You will be late for the interview because you’re having a pedicure and it’s not done yet: Seriously, this happened to me! And she showed up for the interview in the pedicure flip flops! Say you’re stuck in traffic, your goldfish died or anything that sounds like the interview is a top priority.
  • You’d like to be able to study for your college/high school classes (whilst on the clock) when things are slow: I’m sorry, what? There’s always work to do and you want to be known as the one who will jump to it.
  • You’d like to know if there’s a couch in the back for quick naps between customers: Yup, actually happened to me too! You will never get the job if the hiring manager is already hearing how you will loaf around.
  • You’ve got 18 vacation days planned in the next 2 months: Tell me why this a good time to hire you?

Good Luck!

I hope you get where I’m going here? Put your best, non-pedicure-happening-at-the-moment foot forward when applying for that part-time job. A great part-time job can really add a lot more than cash to your life. Use your common sense in what you share – and go out there and find your bliss.

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Have a lovely Sunday, my friends. Marianne

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