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Looks That Date Your Home’s Style

August 1, 2023
looks that date your home's style
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Classic. That’s something many of us ascribe to. Whether in our homes or in our wardrobes, classic sounds, and often is, a great option. But classic and dated dance the tango. There’s a fine line between dated and a lot of style esthetics, including classic. I am here to tell you that the following are looks that date your home’s style and are no longer classic or cool. Consider ditching the following …

fake flowers date your look
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Faux Plants Are Looks That Date Your Home’s Style

Plants are an essential design element in any home. Greenery balances harder surfaces, adds oxygen to your living space and gives your home a softer feel. Fake plants are the exact opposite. They do NOTHING for the overall look of your home. They add zero oxygen. And they do not add softness to your environment. Sometimes fake plants are necessary. I have no window in my half bath downstairs. No living thing will make it in there. So, a fake succulent is the rule of the day. But please, ladies and gentlemen, choose a fake that actually looks real. Otherwise, don’t bother.

looks that date your home's style
Kitchen interior

Vegetation Above The Cabinets Is So Two Decades Ago

And speaking of fake plants, who EVER thought this was a good idea also thought that leg warmers were oh-so-stylish. Fake ferns, flowers, pines above your cabinets look like a bad 80’s movie. Just ditch them. Nothing above the cabinets is way better than fake whatever.

looks that date your home's style

Ducks (and Skulls) Are Passe

My deceased father-in-law loved his ducks. He sprinkled them throughout his home. He even put Santa hats on them at Christmastime. Even for duck hunters, the use of carved ducks and decoys has pretty much come and gone. Ducks (and out side of the Southwestern United States, skulls) have seen there day. They date your decor.

looks that date your home's style

Ruffle Skirted Upholstery Dates Your Style

Most current upholstered pieces have no skirt whatsoever. And if upholstered pieces have a skirt at all, it is DEFINITELY tailored. Any upholstered couches or chairs that have a ruffled skirt at the base immediately date your style.

blanket ladder dates style
Photo by Alex Otto on Unsplash

Blanket Ladders Date Your Home’s Style

Blanket ladders, in the early 2000’s, added to the cozy vibe of you space. Now, these vestiges of the past only make your space look like it’s been left in a time warp.

dated styles
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Reproductions of Famous Artwork Are Looks That Date Your Home’s Style

If you have been lucky enough to see Starry Night or The Mona Lisa in person, you are lucky enough. If you hang a framed copy of these masterpieces in your home, your luck may be running out – at least style-wise. Reproductions of the masters are a sure way to date your style. Skip them for something you love from a local artist, or even something painted by one of your kids. It’s a far better way to keep your style current and interesting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of looks that date your home’s style. Drop me a line if you think of any others and I’ll include them in a future blog? Or stop by Consignments Ltd. the next time you’re in town. And if this blog has inspired a purging mode, check out some of my previous blogs on clutter, like: 5 Clutter Busting Tips and How To Reduce Clutter: The Six Week Box.

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