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Thrifting Wardrobe Pieces For Beginners

May 19, 2024
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I ran into my niece in a thrift store last week. I go once every few months to see what’s new. She’s in her early 20’s and told me that she’s “there weekly.” This was not surprising. With the 20 and 30-somethings thrifting and consignment has never been hotter. There are hundreds of social posts a day touting “the thrift score” of the decade, century or millennia. It’s hard to avoid avoid the fervor. I know, because you’re my reader, that you’ve definitely tried consignment for home goods. And hopefully you’re hooked on this stylish, earth-friendly and economical option, but maybe you’ve shied away from purchasing clothing from thrift and consignment stores? I say that now is the perfect time to get your fashion feet wet. My advice for thrifting wardrobe pieces for beginners is to start out slowly. Visit your local clothing thrift or consignment shop and look for the following fashion staples that they ALWAYS have. While you’re there, you’ll get a taste for what this craze is all about. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

wardrobe pieces to thrift
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Thrifting Wardrobe Pieces For Beginners… The Black Skirt

Back to running into my niece and the purpose for my thrift excursion… I was on the hunt for a black pencil skirt. I have a great one in a wonderful brand that fits beautifully, but I recently broke the pull tab off the zipper. Grrrrr! This makes getting in and out of this skirt pretty darn tricky. Whilst the skirt is at the tailor for the repair, I thought I’d grab a good substitute at thrift. On that day alone they had more than a dozen black pencil skirts in my size. They were of various levels of quality, but all were in very good to excellent shape. I scored a lined, Ralph Lauren number for all of $4.95. Now if that doesn’t make you want to try thrifting wardrobe pieces, well, keep reading.

Insider Tip: Most of the better clothing thrift and consignment stores have fitting rooms, just like their retail brethren, but even if they don’t, a skirt is easy enough to try on over your jeans or leggings. Don’t be shy. You don’t know those people anyway. LOL

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The Navy Blazer – Another Great Option

If you don’t own a navy blue blazer it’s time to get one. It’s a piece you can wear in so many ways. Wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, with khaki pants and a white blouse or over a floral dress. If you do have a blue blazer you know what I mean. But maybe it’s time for a refresh? A change for fit or wear? Or maybe just a shift in styling? Blue blazers are a perfect choice when you are trying thrifting for wardrobe pieces for the first time. Clothing thrift and consignment shops will most often have a good number to choose from in a variety of makers and styles. And because blazers can be an expensive option to add to your wardrobe, thrifting one is also a good buy.

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Faux Pearls Are An Excellent Foray Into Thrifting Wardrobe Pieces

Who doesn’t love pearls? They go in and out of favor, but they never go out of style. Consignment stores and thrift shops, even ones that specialize in home goods, like Consignments Ltd., always have faux pearls for sale. Get the pearl choker, the 18 inch classic or grab the seemingly-endless, 60 inch strand. Heck, grab all three! The price is always great at these shops.

thrifting wardrobe for beginners
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Raincoats Are a Great Place to Begin Thrifting Wardrobe Pieces

For the same reason that the navy blazer is a good place to start thrifting wardrobe pieces, we have the raincoat. Raincoats are often pricey little devils. And here in New England, where our weather changes by the hour, many people like to own more than one. At thrift and on consignment you can find trenches, Macintosh’s, anoraks, you name it. And all at prices significantly off original retail. That’s why thrifting a raincoat can be a great place to start.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide for thrifting beginners and that you get a chance to try your hand at thrifting wardrobe pieces sometime soon. In the meantime, check out some of my recent, related blogs like: How To Determine Your Best Wardrobe Colors, Organize Your Closet and Start 2024 Right and Consignment Shop Best Buys: Fashion.

Enjoy the treasure hunt, my friends. Have a lovely Sunday, Marianne

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