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Timeless Style: Hot Design Trend in 2024

November 28, 2023
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It makes me laugh to say that timeless style is “in.” Isn’t that what “timeless” is all about? It’s ALWAYS in? But, hey, when Martha Stewart pronounces timeless “in,” people sit up and take notice. So timeless style is officially hot. Again. Or always, depending on how your look at it. So what exactly does it mean that mean timeless style is a hot design trend? How do you get it and do you want it? Well, just consider…

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Brown Wood Furniture is Always Timeless and It’s a Hot Design Trend

As a purveyor of consignment furniture and home decor, at Consignments Ltd., the fact that brown wood furniture is trending makes my heart happy. Not only does it mean that older, quality wood furniture is finding new homes in our homes, but it means that this furniture is not going into the landfill. Classic, brown wood furniture in all the various species, like cherry and oak, mahogany and walnut, is timeless and a wonderful addition to your home, whether it’s in, hot or not.

Insider Tip: One of the best sources for timeless, brown wood furniture is your local antique or consignment shop. You will find pieces that are put together better than their newer brethren with a rich patina that looks like old money. For more on this topic, check out my previous blog: Brown Wood Furniture: Hot Design Trend For 2023.

timeless trend brick
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Permanent Details Like Brick and Crown Molding – Timeless and A Hot Design Trend

“God is in the details,” or so said world-renowned architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Timeless details, like brick backslashes and fireplaces and painted or wood crown moldings are just the type of details he was referring to. This new (or old) trend of timelessness is a hot design trend because people are appreciating these details and once again adding them to their homes. If you’re hungry for more on this topic, check out: What is Quiet Luxury in Interior Design and Why Would You Want It?

timeless style hot
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Old Money Accessories Like Oriental Carpets and Wallpaper – Timeless and Hot Design Trend

Wallpaper is an easy design element to add to your home. An accent wall in the bedroom or all the walls of a half bath are just the places to utilize this timeless detail, that’s also a hot design trend. And oriental carpets are not only great investments, but a timeless detail that adds warmth and luxury to any home.

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