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Is It OK to Buy An Antique Reproduction?

May 14, 2024
is it ok to buy an antique reproduction
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You’re in your local consignment or antique shop. You spy the perfect, and I mean absolutely perfect piece for that spot in your (fill in the blank). You love it. It’s fits and it’s in your price range. But do you buy it? Is it old? Is it an antique? Or is it something else? You wonder, is it a good value? What is it? Is it worth it? Perhaps it’s not even an antique you’re looking at all? Maybe it’s not even old? Sometimes what you’re looking at is antique reproduction. And if you love it, what’s the big deal? Right? So here’s the question: Is it OK to buy what might be an antique reproduction?

What’s An Antique Reproduction Anyway?

An antique reproduction is a piece that is made to look like an antique. It copies the style, features, and sometimes even the materials of a genuine antique item. But, it’s not as old as the real antique. Reproductions have been around for centuries because styles have been repeated and reproduced for generations. So when you think reproduction don’t just think of things made yesterday to look centuries old, think of things a century old made to look like double that.

antique reproduction

It’s Never Good To Buy A Reproduction That Isn’t Billed As Such

My kids will tell you that lying was the biggest no-no in our house. They could scream and yell and not do their homework, but tell a fib and I was on them like a cheap suit. So when someone tells you that a piece is a genuine antique and prices it as such, but it’s not, I’m NOT about it. Reputable shops are not afraid to tell you the truth. It’s a repo and they price it accordingly. Those are my people. They allow you to make your own judgment on the piece. And they’re not going for the quick buck.

Insider Tip: Be sure to shop at reputable stores, like Consignments Ltd., so you never have to worry about whether you’re hearing the truth or some giant whopper.

antique reproduction
Photo by Lina Castaneda on Unsplash

3 Reasons to Buy An Antique Reproduction

So is it OK to buy an antique reproduction? Of course it is. When you go into the deal knowingly and you weigh the pros and cons. With an antique reproduction you will get:

  • The look without the big price tag, especially secondhand: Antique reproductions, per their definition, look like the real thing. Often they are made from the “right” materials and in the same way. The piece will look like the antique that you’ve been pining for, but it won’t have the big ticket price tag.
  • The ability to find what you are looking for because reproductions are not as rare: People and companies make reproductions on the daily. Just do a google search and you can find several somethings that resemble the piece you’re looking for.
  • The condition can be better because it hasn’t had all the time to have wear-and-tear: If you’re like me and a little bit of a perfectionist, you like a lot of the things in your world to be in pretty good shape. Reproduction antiques offer the perfectionist in all of us the look of the antique without of the dings, scuffs and scratches that time adds to them. So if you like your furniture a little more buttoned-up, reproductions can be the way to go.

So the moral is, it is OK to buy antique reproductions, especially if you go in knowing that’s what your buying. Otherwise, I’d say it’s a hard pass. For more on the topic, check out my previous blog: Is This An Antique?

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