Vintage Whiting and Davis Bag

Hidden Gems Of Consignment and Thrift In 2023

May 28, 2023

I realize that a sample size of one doesn’t hold much weight when it comes to statistics. I have one, brick-and-mortar store, so this article is based on data from only this one place. But my store is blessed to have more than 50,000 customers a year and over a million customers have come through my doors thus far. So now I think we have some numbers that we can actually rely on. My customers’ buying trends are worth noting, because they are savvy and they are trending and there are a lot of them. So the next time you’re thrifting, you may want to look for these hot items, that my customers are buying. They are the hidden (and often valuable) gems of consignment and thrift in 2023.

Paragon Tea Cup and Saucer Floating Orchid
Paragon Teacup and Saucer in Floating Orchid Pattern Sold For $1000 in 2023

1. Bone China Cups & Saucers Are Hidden Gems

There was a time when I couldn’t give bone china cups and saucers away. I would take them on consignment from sweet, little, old ladies and they would gather dust on my shelves. This is true no more. Bone china cups and saucers are hot for many new reasons. Some, like the one above, are valued for their rarity and beauty. But the majority are desired right now because people are actually using them again. Bridal showers, baby showers, English tea parties, and cup collecting are just a few of the reasons these babies are selling fast and for more money. Post COVID, people are valuing these congenial get together’s in ways we had all but forgotten.That makes them a gem for a whole lot more reasons than the money.

Vintage Whiting and Davis bag
Whiting & Davis, Art Deco, Charlie Chaplin Handbag Sold for $1000 in 2023

2. Whiting and Davis Mesh Handbags Are Consignment Treasures

My mom and grandma loved Whiting and Davis bags. As a result, I own a few vintage ones myself, and I use them for evening and special occasion bags. When I carry them, people often stop me to comment on them and ask about them. They are little works of art, so I wasn’t surprised when these bags starting getting a lot of interest recently. What I am surprised by, however, are the prices they have started to bring. My stylish customers and many of my dealers are grabbing them. If you see them out there, you should consider them too.

gems of consignment thrift Vintage Smith Corona ‘Silent’ portable Typewriter
Vintage Smith Corona ‘Silent’ portable Typewriter Sold For $599 in 2023

3. Old Typewriters Are Hidden Gems of Consignment and Thrift in 2023

In part, and I love writing this about one of my all-time, favorite actors, you can thank Tom Hanks for the resurgence of interest in vintage typewriters. In this article on Typewriters.com, Hanks explains his passion for these vintage machines and the joy he gets from his vast collection. Decorators began adding typewriters to decor, as a sort of sculptural element, about 10 years ago, and this has only heightened interest and prices. My customers are scooping them up on the daily, so be on the lookout for them when you are out seeking treasure.

Cinderella Pyrex Duchess Pattern gems consignment thrift
Pink Pyrex Cinderella Bowl with Cover and Warmer Sold For $4326.00 in 2023

4. MCM Pyrex is Hotter Than Ever and A Gem at Thrift and Consignment Stores

I grew up eating tuna fish casserole out of an avocado Pyrex baker, so this one boggles my mind. Vintage Pyrex is on fire it’s so hot. EBay sold a vintage Pyrex casserole, this month (top picture), for $8000. A plain white and blue cornflower , 1 quart with a lid. And they have sold hundreds of different Pyrex bowls and casseroles for $4000-$5000 this year alone. Yes. You read that right. That’s not $4-$5, that’s $4000-$5000. Unbelievable. So my customers are scouring the store, and others in our area, for Pyrex ANYTHING. If you find it and it’s cheap, grab it. You’ll be VERY glad you did. For more on the Pyrex explosion, check out: The Collectors Offering Thousands For Vintage Pyrex.

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Happy hunting, my friends. Marianne

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