Design Tips For Small Spaces: Part 2

December 27, 2022

Last time we talked about design tips for small spaces in Design Tips For Small Spaces: Part 1. We covered some of the basics that can apply to all small spaces, like a tiny bedroom or den in a great big house. These tips are for everyone decorating a small space, not just decorating a small apartment or tiny home. Today’s blog focuses on the topic, once again, but this time we are covering some of the visual tricks you can employ in a small space to make them work better and look bigger. These tips are ways of tricking the eye and are are pretty easy to incorporate. So consider these small space design tips…

Small Space Design Tip – See Your Way Clear

When I first graduated from college, back in the days of the dinosaur, and I went to work for Macy’s. I toured a lot of apartments to find the one that was best suited for my job and my tastes. I looked at probably 20 model apartments, all set up to show you how wonderful it would be to live there. You know what all of them had in common? They all had glass or Lucite tables in the eating area and living room. Do you know why? Because being able to see through the coffee table or the dining table gives the illusion of more space. It’s that simple. If you can see through it it’s almost like it’s not there. Presto – more visual space!

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall – A Small Space Design Tip Worth Trying

Mirrors show you your beautiful reflection, they also reflect light and that’s why they are a great visual trick in a small space. Place mirrors opposite the light source for maximum impact. Place one large one or a group of 3 or 5 smaller ones on the wall. You can also use mirror-clad furniture for the same affect or other other reflective materials like brass and stainless. This small space design tip works anywhere, not just small spaces.

Abracadabra! – It’s There and Then It’s Gone – A Trick Great For Small Spaces

When space is at a premium using fold-up or convertible furnishings (like desks that fold into a small box mounted to the wall or a Murphy bed that looks like a bookcase when not in use and folds down to become a bed) can be a game changer. It’s there when you need it and disappears when you don’t – that’s real magic. It’s a small space’s best buddy.

Photo by Nathan Oakley on Unsplash

Up, Up and Away – A Surprising Small Space Design Tip

Tall things or high things in a small room make the ceilings, and therefor the room, look bigger. Think vertically, by adding a tall, narrow bookcase or hanging your art higher so that the eye is forced up to look at it. Just like tall models get the designer’s clothing noticed, tall items get noticed and give the illusion of more space. Now you know.

Small Space Design Says Show Off Your Gams

Furniture that goes all the way to the floor (like skirted upholstered pieces) reads like a big solid block to the eye. These pieces have there place in roomy spaces with plenty of air around them, which allows the furniture to visually “breathe.” In a small space, however, it’s much better to use pieces that have exposed legs, because the air under the chair or couch gives the eye a chance to rest in the negative space and by doing this this space seems bigger. It’s an easy trick with a great result.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these small space design tips. Next week I’ll share the last installment in this series. Have a lovely day, my friend.

Now For A Little Music Before We Go…

“Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.”

Albert Einstein

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