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Is Trendy Furniture A Good Buy on Consignment?

April 23, 2024
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I’ll admit it, I’m usually up for a good trend, when it comes to fashion. This year, I’m loving vests and striped, poplin shirts. They have made it into my A list. But as an interior decorator and person who makes her living selling used home furnishing, I would say that I tend to be more hesitant about trends in furniture and decor. But a recent interior design article got me thinking about trendy furniture in a different light. If you’re going to buy something trendy for your home buying trendy furniture on consignment is the way to go. Here’s why…

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Trendy Furniture Is A Good Buy on Consignment Because of The Price

Not for nothing, but furniture is expensive. And quality furniture is even more so. Trendy home decor and furniture, is by it’s very nature of the moment. But just like a piece of cake that’s “a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips,” trendy pieces can be oh-so-chic today and oh-so-gone tomorrow. Enter the consignment shop.

Because consignment shops, like Consignments Ltd. sell furniture, even trendy furniture, at a fraction of original retail, it makes them a great source for trendy items. For example, a leather sectional in a bold, trendy color that retails for $6000-$8000 can often be found for under $3000 on consignment. A barn-door, coffee table purchased at the local design center for $4795 can be had for $1000 at a re-sale shop. These great prices are a real advantage, especially if your love for the trendy furniture piece goes the way of The Dodo.

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Most Shops Will Accept Trendy Pieces Back – Another Reason Trendy Furniture is A Good Buy on Consignment

It’s not the case with all shops, so check your locality, but most consignments stores will take back (on consignment, not a return) trendy furniture that they’ve sold that is still in good shape and in style. So if you use it and then hate it in short order, you’ve got a way to recoup some of your money. This is also the case for consigning trendy for furniture that you purchased at retail. (We need to have a serious talk about that, but maybe we will save it for later. LOL).

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And Heck, You May Even Start Your Own Trend

Maybe you’re heading to the consignment shop to see if you can score (fill-in-the-blank trendy piece)? But when you arrive you see this glorious, vintage, something else that you didn’t even know existed until this moment? Well, that’s what I call an inspired win-win. You’re paying less AND you don’t have that same pink chair that everyone else on your block just bought because Susie had one at book club and everyone fell in love. NO! You have the unique piece that works perfectly and you are the envy of the whole street. I see it happen on the daily. It can happen to you too. So think consignment first the next time trendy tempts you.

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And Now How About A Little “Trendy” Music Before We Go?

Have a lovely day, my friends. Marianne

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