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Make The Best of The Season with These 3 Great Autumn Recipes

October 15, 2023

The Fall is a glorious time here in New England. So many sights, sounds and smells to enjoy. So what’s better than using the bounty of the season like apples, pumpkins and squash in some delicious autumn recipes. The following are among my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

pumpkin roll Autumn  recipe

One of The Best Autumn Recipes with Pumpkins

As I’ve said over and over, I love The Brown-Eyed Baker. Her recipes are usually fairly simple to create and always delicious. This can truly be said of her recipe for Pumpkin Roll. It’s the perfect combination of light and airy cake with sweet and creamy filling. Before I tried this autumn recipe I don’t think I’d made any kind of roll since my Grammy was alive (she died in 1984) so I wasn’t 100% confident that I knew what the heck I was doing, but this one talks you through the easy steps to make it happen.

Two of the best tips that you don’t want to miss with this one are:

  • 1. Line the cookie sheet (one with sides) with parchment paper – it’s essential.
  • 2. Wrap the cooled, cooked roll in plastic wrap and refrigerate for one hour BEFORE filling – this will “train” the cake to roll and make filling and rolling more successful.

I hope you enjoy this one. It’s great with a cup of hot cider or a French vanilla latte. Yum!

autumn recipes
Photo by Kura Tregenza on Unsplash

Apples Are the Star of This Autumn Recipe

I love cookbooks, even in this age of the digital recipe box (see my blog: The Best Recipe Box Apps). I think EVERYONE should own a copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook. It is, in my humble opinion, the gospel of basic cooking. By the way, you can usually grab one at your favorite consignment store or thrift shop, like Consignments Ltd. I love Betty Crocker for quick and easy reference to things like time per pound to cook a roast, measurement equivalents and the like. Sure, I can look these up on my phone, but leafing through the book is a visceral pleasure that I can’t get from a screen. Several times every Autumn I will get out my Betty Crocker for one of the most delicious and easy Autumn recipes for Apple Pie that is contained therein. Follow the included link for the recipe.

My best tips on this one:

  • 1. Use foil, or a pie crust ring, to prevent the crust edges from burning.
  • 2. For an extra pretty and golden-brown crust, brush with egg white and sprinkle with a small amount of sugar before baking.

Let me know if you try this one and what you think? Enjoy!

Fall recipes
Photo by Jezebel Rose on Unsplash

And finally, Squash! It’s a Great Autumn Recipe

One of the first, grown-up dinner parties I attended was at my best friend Mary’s apartment when we were just out of college. We thought we were so worldly and wise back then that it makes me laugh to think of us. I remember this party well for two reasons: the infestation of bees from the hive outside that she and her now husband, Tony, were dealing with and for the squash soup that she served, in small pumpkin “bowls.” This grown-up party was a huge success, no one was stung, and everyone (all 4 of us) left happy and full. The recipe has alluded me for years, but I think this Simply Recipes Butternut Squash Soup one comes darn close.

Best practices for this recipe include:

  • 1. To make the soup thinner, add some cream, coconut milk, or vegetable broth. You can also add more water, but you risk watering down the taste.
  • 2. This soup can be made ahead. It lasts in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Hope you get a chance to make this one and that it makes you feel Fall all the way down to your toes.

A Final Thought…

Fall will be short… shorter still the older you are… so I hope you enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that it has to offer.

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends! Marianne

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