why choose a floor lamp

Why You Should Choose A Floor Lamp For Your Interiors

February 21, 2023
Why choose a floor lamp
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We can’t keep floor lamps in stock at my store, Consignments Ltd. Every half-way decent looking one flies out the door. Every day someone, or multiple someones, come in looking for a floor lamp. So why is this happening? Because floor lamps are a staple of good interior design, that’s why people choose to decorate with a floor lamp. There are so many benefits to the floor lamp, including…

Why choose a floor lamp
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

1. Floor Lamps Are a Great Light Source That Require a Small Footprint:

Why choose a floor lamp? They say (and who “they” are is always a mystery to me) that every room should have at least three sources of light, not including the windows. Most rooms have an overhead light, so that’s one, but then you need two more. A floor lamp is a perfect way to add one of these three sources. Floor lamps add great light without a big footprint, meaning they take up very little of your precious floor space. This can be a bonus, especially in a smaller room. The weighted base of most floor lamps is small enough to be tucked under (at least partially) another furniture piece – so this helps even more.

Great spaces to add a floor lamp include:

  • Next to a chair or couch/sofa: for reading, sewing, etc..
  • Alone in a dark corner: especially an up-light, which throws light on the ceiling, thereby illuminating the entire room.
  • Next to a bed or next to a nightstand that is too small for a lamp: a great space saver for books, reading glasses or that glass of water.
  • Beside a desk : so you can spread out and get creative, or messy, as the case may be!
Install Floor lamp nearby Sofa
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

2. Floor Lamps Come In a Multitude of Styles to Match Any Decor, Another Reason to Choose a Floor Lamp:

Why choose a floor lamp? Floor lamps come in gobs of different designs, from up-lights to columns to arches and pillars to tripods and more. If you think that’s a lot, then multiply it by styles like traditional, contemporary, primitive, etc. and the factorial is huge! So to say the options for your next floor lamp are endless is not too much of a stretch. There’s a floor lamp out there that will compliment your style, just know that if you’re looking for it at Consignments Ltd. or another consignment or thrift store you better come by often in order to score one.

Great lighting choices
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3. Why Choose a Floor Lamp? They Are Less Expensive Than Wired Lighting, But Add The Same Amount of Light:

Electricians, you are blessed if you know a good one like my guy, Evan. You are even luckier if you know one who you can get to come work for you without a months-long wait. These skilled trades women and men are worth their weight in gold, but often times it does cost you a lot of it, gold that is, to get electrical work done at your home.

Adding light to a room can be essential for required tasks, ambiance and even for simple safety. Often times, however, you can do this without your old pal, the electrician. A floor lamp can add a huge amount of light to a room, especially an up-light that aims light at the ceiling. This adds light to the entire room. And a floor lamp, even at bust-out retail prices, will cost you a lot less than wired lighting, installed by an electrician. So even if you’ve got your heart set on wired lighting, do yourself a favor, and try a floor lamp first. You’re going to thank me for it.

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And Now For A Little Music Before We Go…

“To love beauty is to see light.”

Victor Hugo

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