Trends at thrift 2024

Thrifting Trends 2024

January 9, 2024
Thrifting Trends 2024
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According to The Spruce.com, in their article on thrifting trends for 2024, interior design items are hot at thrift. I could have told them that way back in 2005 when I first opened my home consignments store. In fact, thrifting for home decor goes further back than 2005. My Grammy decorated her entire house second-hand, and my Mom did most of our homes that way as well. So if thrifting decor is nothing new, why read on? Well, there are some trends to watch in thrifting interior design that are worth a look. So consider keeping an eye out for the following when you next venture out to your local thrift or consignment shop.

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Thrifting Trends 2024: Art

In their recent article on thrifting trends, The Spruce.com maintains that vintage art is a great thing to buy at thrift and consignment shops in 2024. While I do wholeheartedly agree, I would venture to say that art, not just vintage art, is ALWAYS on trend when thrifting. And art, as a rule, is one of the top Consignment Shop Best Buys. Whether it’s a vintage oil from the late 1800’s or a modern print someone changed their mind about after two months last year, art is a fabulous, off-retail buy at thrift and consignment stores. You can find local subject matter in framed watercolors and photographs. Sculptures and hand-blown glass are great finds, as well. So it may be on trend to find art for your home at thrift and consignment stores, but those of you who are in the know have been doing it forever.

thrifting trends 2024
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Studio Pottery is a Thrifting Trend in 2024

Even though my shop, Consignments Ltd., sells a ton of original pottery, I hadn’t thought of this one before. But now, with the big emphasis on Biophilic design (see my blog: What is Biophilic Design?) where natural elements reign in interiors, it makes sense. Pottery, being born from clay of the earth is a natural in up-to-date interiors. Thrift and consignment are great places to find all types of pottery items from studio potters both close-to-home and across the globe. So be sure to look for pottery items, from vases and bowls, to mugs and home decor items the next time you’re out thrifting.

thrift trends 2024
Vintage Barware

Vintage Barware, Always a Great Buy at Thrift , But Hot in 2024

I’ve always been a fan of vintage barware. And show me a great bar cart in your living and I’m in design heaven. So I was not surprised when The Spruce recommended barware as a hot thrift trend for 2024. You can score vintage cocktail shakers, unique decanters and gobs of retro glassware on thrift and consignment. Whether you’re setting up a home bar or just looking for something kitschy for your next soiree, look at thrift and consignment first. You’ll be glad you did! For more on barware and home bars, see my previous blogs: Why Are Bar Carts So Expensive and Cocktails, Anyone? Best Home Bar Ideas.

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Happy thrifting 2024, my friends. Marianne

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