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The Drop-Leaf Table: A Furniture Piece Everyone Should Own

April 7, 2024
drop leaf table

My mom, a retired antique dealer, and I were talking the other day about the versatility of certain furniture pieces. Mom said that without a doubt she thought that a drop-leaf table was one of the most versatile pieces. “It’s one you hang on to, because it has so many uses,” she said. That’s where the idea for this topic was born. In my consignment store we sell almost every one that comes in because I think that a lot of people understand this dynamic. So why do I think the drop-leaf table is something everyone should own? Well consider the following possibilities…

drop leaf table

The Drop-Leaf Table As A Console

A drop-leaf table, is, first-and-foremost a table. You can pull it out when you have the holidays for extra place-settings for extra guests. But one of the reasons it’s so versatile is that you don’t have to hide it till the need arises. You can “hide” a drop-leaf in plain sight by using it for another purpose. One of the best uses for the drop-leaf table is as a console. For example, place a drop-leaf in the front hall and it makes a perfect anchor for the mirror you have hanging there. It’s also a great drop spot for keys and gloves and it can serve as a surface for your entryway display.

Insider Tip: See my previous blog: Four Tips To Organize Your Entryway and you’ll get extra tips on this oft-overlooked space.

drop leaf table

A Drop-Leaf Can Also Be A Sofa Table

Behind the sofa, yet out in the open is another great place for a drop-leaf table. Perhaps you curate it with a lamp and a few family photos. Or get creative and use it to set up your bar? Lift the leaf on one side for your next party and you’ve got an instant dessert tray. I’m getting thirsty and hungry just thinking about it.


They Also Make A Perfect End Table

A smaller scale drop leaf can fit nicely next to your couch in lieu of an end table, and yet provide that extra table when you pull it out and open it for a gathering. And in super tight spots, they make a “micro” drop leaf (or micro gate leg) table that is sometimes only a few inches wide with the leaves down, but can open to as much as six feet in length when the leaves are up.

drop-leaf table

Consider A Drop-Leaf For A Writing Desk

Lift one side leaf, pull up a chair and your drop-leaf becomes an instant writing desk. Have a laptop instead of a pen and paper? Well the drop-leaf will work for a desk space for this activity, as well. Like I’ve said, it’s a super, versatile piece.

So, if you don’t yet own a drop-leaf table, I think you should consider one. Visit your local consignment or antique shop, like Consignments Ltd., for a great buy on one of these most flexible pieces. By the way, I’ve published several previous blogs on this topic that you may want to check out, including: Key Furniture Pieces That Everyone Should Own, Part One and Part Two.

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends. Marianne

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