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Finding Reasons For Joy

March 31, 2024
reasons for joy
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I’m keeping it pretty simple today. For many of us this is a very special and holy day. And for the luckiest ones it’s a day spent with family and friends. So I thought it would be a good day to talk, at least for a second, about a few reasons for joy.

reasons for joy
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New Beginnings Are Reasons For Joy:

New beginnings can truly be a reason for joy. Are there new people in your life? Did you start a new job? Or did you try pickle ball for the first time? Maybe you’re being better to yourself by choosing who you surround yourself with? Perhaps it’s simply the crocuses in your garden? New beginnings can bring joy into or back into your life. For me, I am joyful for starting my married life with my best friend in the world. I am also grateful and joyful for a little boy in North Carolina who joined our family recently. And I am even beyond joy, if that’s possible, for his most exceptional and resilient mother.

reasons for joy
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New Experiences Are Another Reason For Joy:

New experiences are very often a reason for joy. Maybe you flew in a helicopter for the first time? Or you put on ice skates and ventured out on the pond? Perhaps you visited Bali or you saw Elton John in concert? Think back. You probably did more new things than you are giving yourself credit for. For me these new experiences brought wonderful reasons for joy. After a little bit of a struggle, I saw the southern coast of Portugal for the first time. It was a true, bucket-list item. And I learned how adaptive I could be when faced with adversity.

reasons for joy
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New Things You’ve Learned Bring Joy Too:

Albert Einstein said that  “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” And learning is moving. Maybe you learned to make French onion soup (here’s my recipe)? Or you figured out how to research your genealogy on the web? Perhaps yoga came into your life? Or you Babbled your way to a new language? For me, I found joy when I learned how to apply peel and stick wallpaper (and surprised the heck out of Bruce) . I also found joy when I learned that I could actually help my far-away friends in Lahaina, after the horrible fire. And it was most joyful to involve my wonderful customers at Consignments Ltd. in the process.

I hope today, or one day soon, you can consider your reasons for joy – big and small. Because we could all use some joy right now.

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If you celebrate, Happy Easter. And if you don’t, happy Sunday. Marianne

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