Ctare & Barrel Copycat Look For Less

Crate & Barrel Copycat Looks For Less

September 18, 2022
Home Catalogues are Great Inspirations
Photo by Karolina Grabowska: on Pexels

I opened my mailbox the other day to a little slice of heaven: The Crate & Barrel Catalogue. I love their style and their products. However, my money tree in the backyard has never grown, even after all the seeds I’ve planted and all the water I’ve given it. These Crate & Barrel Copycat Looks can get you the same Crate & Barrel vibe for less – a lot less.

The trick to these Crate & Barrel Copycat Looks is to study the overall feeling in the photo you love. Think about the size of the pieces and the scale. The great thing about a catalogue or website is that dimensions are almost always included. You don’t have to be exact on sizes, just proportional. Then, you can shop second-hand with these proportions in mind and save a bundle. You’ll have Crate & Barrel looks for so much less. Here are two examples:

The Crate & Barrel Console and The Copycat Look For Less

These two looks each have most of the same elements: books, vases of different materials, a mirror, glass bottle(s) and dried hydrangea blossoms. Although the consoles are not exactly the same, they both have drawers and a lower shelf. They are both dark wood. The look on the right is more than $1200 less. That’s a lot of hydrangea blossoms!

The Crate & Barrel Table-Scape and Copycat Look For Less

For this look it’s all about varying the size and shape of the glass containers to get the copycat right. The other aspect of this look is choosing differing heights for the materials in the containers. Price differential is more than $200.

Catalogue heaven: the latest Crate & Barrel.
Catalogue Heaven. Didn’t get it in the mail?
Check it out here.

Some Last Thoughts on Copycat Looks

It’s so easy to get the look you want from any catalogue you fancy. Just remember that it’s all about approximating the look, not getting it exact. If you want it exact and are comfortable paying full retail for it, by all means, go for it. Sometimes the copycat look is hard to pull off, when the vignette you love has something that is truly unique to the manufacturer. In that case, if it’s within budget, buy the one, original, hard-to-find item from the retailer and copycat the rest of the look. Hungry for more about first-rate interior design from second-hand items? Check out my recent articles: Best Items to Buy at Thrift and Consignment Shops and Best Fall Décor Ideas From Thrift and Consignment Shops. Enjoy your decorating!

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends. Marianne

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