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The Three Minute Challenge For A Tidier Home

February 6, 2024
Three Minute Challenge
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When my kids were little they loved Barney. Barney is a kid’s show featuring a big, purple dinosaur. One of Barney’s favorite songs is “Clean Up” where he encourages kids to pick up after themselves. I regularly sang this song to my kids in the hopes of motivating them to clear the toy clutter and regain some sense of control in our house. Oddly, this song is going through my head as I write this blog about the Three Minute Challenge. The reason for that is, in essence, the challenge and the song are really of the same ilk. You can use The Three Minute Challenge to clean up the clutter your home, with or without the Barney song. And if you incorporate this task into your daily or weekly routine your house will thank you for it.

By the way, I’ve shared a nostalgic version of this song below. Enjoy!

3 minute challenger for tidier home
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Just What Is The Three Minute Challenge?

Well, here’s how it works:

  • 1. Grab a box, a bag or even a cute basket.
  • 2. Set your watch, your timer or Alexa for 3 minutes.
  • 3. Sweep the surfaces in your room, downstairs, upstairs or entire home gathering anything that is out of place and put it in your basket/bag/box. Think about dirty dishes, socks, coats, trash, papers, charging cords, etc.
  • 4. When the timer dings 3 minutes, you’re done! Return misplaced items to their rightful place and trash all the garbage.
  • 5. Do this daily. Do this with a wipe down of surfaces weekly (except the kitchen where you know you’ll need the wipe down more often). And that’s it. The Three Minute Challenge is complete!

Insider Tip: Visit consignment shops, like Consignments Ltd., as they are great resources for those cute boxes and baskets that you can use for this task. You won’t be embarrassed to leave them out and ready for this regular chore.

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And Now For A Little (Barney) Music Before We Go…

Have a lovely, tidier day, my friends. Marianne

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