Great images for your real estate listing

Get Great Images in Your Real Estate Listing

February 4, 2024

Here’s What NOT to Do

Great images for real estate listing

You’re selling your home! Congratulations! Or maybe, you have my sympathies, because this can be a very stressful time, no matter the circumstances. If you’re working with a real estate agent, it should make your life easier. But even good agents make mistakes and one of them is putting flawed images of your home on your listing. You need great images in your real estate listing because you NEVER have a second chance to make a first impression. That couldn’t be more true in this digital age, where all the listing are available online, even at 2am in your PJs, and it’s so easy to compare listings. Some listings shine and others are deleted with a simple click.

My friend Med is a Realtor. She was my Realtor a few years ago. She sold my house in a couple of days for way over asking. She used a professional photographer (whom she paid for) and she curated the pictures so my house was presented at its absolute best. Whether your Realtor is doing this or snapping pictures with her phone, it’s important for you to see them BEFORE the listing goes live. And keep these tennants at the forefront…

Clean Up Your Mess For Great Images in Your Real Estate Listing

You replaced the outdated appliances to help your house sell. Good for you! But c’mon people, get rid of the old ones before the first picture is snapped. This also applies to things like your garbage cans, your kitty litter, your stained carpeting and your cobwebs. We do indeed live with these things, but you do not have to photograph them for everyone in the world to see.

Don’t Skimp – Make the Easy, Inexpensive Fixes

Med came to our first meeting with a list of things she wanted you to do in your home BEFORE she listed it. It was a great primer for making my house the best it could be. She would definitely recommend replacing the curtains in the picture on the left. They are too short and they hurt the overall feeling of height in the room (see my recent blog: Common Decorating Mistakes). The problem on the right may be less obvious, but that tiny little shelf full of tiny little things, looks silly in this great, open foyer. What’s needed in the space is a great, big piece of art. It balances the space and adds to the drama to the entry. And don’t forget that consignment stores, like Consignments Ltd., are great resources when you need to score inexpensive art to stage your home for sale.

Don’t Share Too Much in Your Real Estate Listing

I’m a pretty religious person, but I would NEVER recommend the image on the left. When the only thing hanging on the wall is a religious symbol, any religious symbol, you take your chances being off-putting to a number of potential buyers. Plus, it makes the room look like a convent. Again, the right-hand image is a little less obvious, but if this is a sign from your family business, you are letting any person who looks at the listing know who you are. Do you really want them calling you at work to see if you’ll show your home privately or take less than asking? The world is scary enough without that, my friends.

Put Your House in The Best Light For Great Images in Your Real Estate Listing

The image on the left is NOT from a prison, but the starkness of the decor makes it look that way. Also, this image doesn’t clue you in: is it a bedroom, a music room, or what? Again, consignment and thrift your way to a more well-appointed room and show your buyers why they should buy. The image on the right is just lazy. Any real estate agent worth their salt does not put your cat (or her food) in your images. And you should make sure that if she does you edit this out (and maybe consider a new listing agent).

Insider Tip: See my previous blog: Consignment Shop Best Buys for other tips on items to make your house shine. And for more on this topic, see: How To Prepare Your Home For Sale, Part 1 and Part 2.

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends. Marianne

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