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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

December 17, 2023
last minute gifts
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It’s December, ladies and gentlemen and the holiday crush is on. Are you are thinking about your list – what you’ve bought – what you still must. Or are you out of ideas for someone special? If so, read on for some great last minute holiday gifts. Enjoy the blog…the season… and the shopping.

make a donation gift
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Giving To The Needy Is One of The Best Last Minute Holiday Gifts

My mother is nearly 90 years old. She doesn’t need a blessed thing – no new sweaters, no new books, no plants or sweet treats. She has lead a good life. She’s generally happy and lives in a safe place with great friends around her. So what do you get the woman who literally has everything? I have a suggestion. For those people in your life who just don’t need more “stuff,” consider a donation to their favorite charity. It’s super easy and most registered charities have a website that makes giving even easier. And, by-the-way your timing couldn’t be better. According to charitable consultants BWF, charitable giving has seen a decline of 3.4% in the past year. That represents a major hit to the programs that a charity provides. So, think about it, there is no better time or last minute holiday gift than a charitable donation. And as an added bonus, most gifts are tax-deductible.

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Give An Experience They’ll Remember – It’s One of The Best Last Minute Holiday Gifts

A lot of people in America will tell you that they have too much stuff. Holiday gift giving just adds to the pile. Trust me, I see it daily at my retail store, Consignments Ltd. People bring in a lot of those gifts after the holidays. So my next suggestion is giving someone an experience, rather than a thing. Try tickets to a show, a game or a concert. Or maybe give them a cooking class or a night at an Air B&B. You know what they like, and if you pick something a few months out you can give them plenty of time to plan. Long after they have forgotten the sweater or the book… they’ll definitely remember the concert, the ball game, the class or the overnight stay.

last minute holiday gifts
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Rein In The Number of Gifts With The Four Gift Rule

If your list is daunting, you may want to consider The Four Gift Rule. The Four Gift Rule is simple. You give each person just four gifts. You give them one gift from each of the four categories below:

  • Something They Need: like new ear buds or floor mats
  • Something To Read: a book, a magazine subscription
  • Something To Wear: there’s that sweater you’ve been eyeing
  • Something They Want: maybe a gift that they would not buy for themselves, or maybe an experience – see above

Insider Tip: Consignment and thrift shops may not be your first thought when it comes to last minute holiday gifts, but believe me, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re following The Four Gift Rule, thrift and consignment are great resources, especially for the the reading and needing categories.

make your own gifts
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Make It Yourself For The Best of All Last Minute Holiday Gifts

My old neighbor, Arlette, was from France. Every year, as long as she lived next door to me, I would buy her a holiday gift that I can no sooner remember than I can recite the Periodic Table. Arlette, however, gave us a holiday gift that we will never forget: Madeleines ! We so looked forward to receiving these yummy, little French cakes (often thought of as cookies). The love she put in to making them was not lost on us, with every delicious, lemony bite. My daughter, Libby, even asked for, and received, a lesson from Arlette in cooking these heavenly treats. It is something, even today, that she remembers with such fondness. So I encourage you to think outside the box (even if your creation needs a box to be delivered) . Consider cooking a food treat, making a craft or framing a photo you’ve taken for a last minute holiday gift. A homemade gift is one of the very best kinds.

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Have a lovely Sunday, my friends. Marianne

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