2024 trend warm colors

Interior Design Trend For 2024: Warm Colors

January 30, 2024
2024 design trend warm colors
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Biophilic interior design is still center stage in 2024. The use of natural materials in indoor spaces to promote calming interiors with a visual connection to nature continues to be a major theme. As a result, warm colors are trending more in 2024 than in years past. Perhaps you’re generally happy with your spaces, but you’re itching for a small refresh? Well, maybe this trend is for you? Follow this interior design trend for 2024 and add warm colors to your spaces. It’s easy to accomplish with the following:

design trend warm colors
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Add Pillows and Throws in Warm Colors

For example, maybe your bedroom is a combination of blue and white. To add warm colors to this palette, consider a small investment in pillows and throws (or better yet, buy them at consignment or thrift stores). Warm colors like red, yellow and brown all “go with” blue and white and can easily be incorporated. But please, not all of them at once. LOL

2024 design warm colors
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Change Draperies to Cozy Hues:

Your living room is filled with 50 shades of gray (no, not that one). Add warmth by changing your window treatments away from the cool tones of those grays and head south to the warmer weather of red, rust, or mustard yellow. You can keep the room as is, other than that, and see what this warm tone does for your space.

Insider Tip: Consignment Stores, like Consignments Ltd., are great resources for window treatments and the prices are so much less than regular retail. It’s a way to try this trend without much investment.

warm colors design trend

Recover Chair Seats in Earthy Tones

An easy update to warmth is brought to you via a few yards of fabric and a staple gun. Changing the covering on your dining chairs will instantly warm your space. Compliment this change with a pair of candles and a centerpiece that picks up these tones and you’ll have a real winner. It’s a reasonable way to try this interior design trend toward warm colors. And a chair seat refresh gets things cleaned up in the process.

2024 design trend warm colors
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Add Art That Brings Natural Subjects and Colors In

Because art does NOT have to match your sofa (bed, etc.) changing art in a warm direction is easy. You can replace that piece over the fireplace, without changing another thing in the room. If the subject is an outdoor, natural scene, you more than likely are on trend color-wise.

warm colors are hot in 2024
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Try Warming Area Rugs in Mellow Shades

Rugs are generally a larger financial investment in this interior design trend toward warm colors. Rugs on consignment, however, are a great way to bring in warmth without breaking the bank. Try a natural sisal rug on the hardwoods in your gray family room. Or overlay a rust, low-pile shag over your existing, gray, wall-to-wall carpeting.

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