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Developing A Personal Style in Your Home

February 5, 2023
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In a recent article on interior design trends for 2023, GoodHousekeeping.com introduced something they call “Mindful Spaces” as a hot, upcoming trend. By that they mean having your home reflect who you are and what you’re interested in. Excuse me, what? Isn’t that what your home is supposed to be? It’s your home, right? Shouldn’t it be about you? In my book, home should automatically equal personal style, personal tastes. I realized in reading this article, however, that that may not be the case for some people. Maybe you want to try this trend yourself? Or maybe you’re just tired of following the looks that other people decide and you’re ready to dance to your own drummer? Either way, it’s pretty easy to start developing your sense of personal style in your interior design. Just consider the following…

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Personal Style = A Home Reflecting My Personality

The easy way to create a home with your own personal style is to think about your own personality. If you are a quiet, more introverted person, you may find that a neutral, calming color pallet suits you. Big, bold, extrovert may mean that bright, vibrant colors will be an aspect of your personal style. It won’t come as a surprise to people who know me, but I’m and extrovert. I don’t, however, have a house with bold colors. My home reflects the home-body in my personality. Things are cozy and comfortable. So mine your personality when you are developing your personal style in your home. Your personality speaks to you. Let it.

For more on adding personality to your personal interior design style, check out my previous blog: How to Create a Sense of Whimsy in Your Home.

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Personal Style = Seeking Inspiration

Personal, interior design style can come about through inspiration – topics, items, places, themes. My daughter Libby has never met a book she wouldn’t try to read. Books inspire her. The style of her Dallas apartment lets you know that she is a bibliophile. She has bookcases (styled, of course) in her living room, her bedroom. My friend, Katie, is a beach babe. Her home has turquoise hues and sea glass jars and a relaxed vacation-by-the-sea vibe. Julie loves modern and her style is inspired by her collection of modern art. Your inspiration can come from anywhere. Think about what inspires you and you’ll be well-on-your-way to personal interior design style.

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Personal Style = Allowing Yourself to Evolve

William S. Burroughs said, ““When you stop growing you start dying.” This is so true when it comes to personal interior design style. This year, the style of your home may be inspired by your love of crafting. Five years from now you may evolve your style to one with more formality because you’re doing more entertaining around that book you just wrote. Style, by its very nature, is seldom stagnant.

When I was younger, I LOVED primitive, country pieces. My mom would say, “the more the paint is peeling, the more you seem to like it.” And it was so true. As I moved along in life, our house got bigger and our entertaining got more frequent. My style became more formal and guest-centered. When I got divorced and purchased my own, smaller place, my style swung back to the primitive, distressed pieces with a cozier, more comfortable vibe. I am developing my personal style… over the course of my lifetime.

My business, Consignments Ltd., is a testament to this evolution of style. My customers bring me items all the time that they have “grown out of” for one reason or another. They receive money for doing so, and they often find other items that fit their newly evolved style. It’s a win-win.

I look forward to hearing from you as you develop and evolve your own personal style. Email me, if you want to chat on this or any other design topics. Happy Sunday, my friends.

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