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Would You Be My Valentine? 4 Cute Ideas For Decorating Your Home For Valentine’s Day.

February 7, 2021
Valentine's day wishes
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When is Valentine’s Day, you may ask? Well, Valentine’s Day is always February 14th (take note, guys!), which this year falls on a Sunday. How to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you may ask? Well, celebrate Valentine’s Day any way your little heart desires; pun definitely intended. How to decorate for Valentine’s Day, you may ask? Well, to that I say read on for some cute ideas…

1. Flowers and Candy – Who Wouldn’t Like That?

Traditionally, people give flowers and candy on Valentine’s Day. So, why not use these two traditional gifts to decorate your home this February? All you need are some cut or artificial flowers (red or white tulips, red, pink or white roses come to mind), Conversation Hearts or any other type of red or pink candy, a vase and a smaller jar that fits inside the vase. Simply place the smaller jar (that will hold the water for the flowers) inside the center of the vase. Temporarily cover the jar with plastic wrap. Fill the vase with the candy. Remove the plastic wrap and add water and flowers and voila!

2. Little Love Notes.

In my house we have had a few epic Scrabble battles over the years, so I can tell you exactly where my Scrabble game is on short notice if you’re heading over for a throw-down (Sheila). If you’ve got one lying around too, or can dig it up from storage, why not get out a couple of the trays and leave little love notes around your home?

3. Apothecary Jars

At Christmas-time, I like to fill my apothecary jars with small blue and silver Christmas balls and Christmas candies and place them in a grouping of three. Well, these workhorse, Christmas decor items need not be put away with the Santa’s. Leave them out and for Valentine’s Day fill them with 3 different types of red, pink and white candy, or again, our old friend Conversation Hearts. Candy too tempting for you? You can use your document shredder and cut up some pink, red and white construction paper for the same effect.

Candies filled jar for valentines day decor

4. Paper Crafts

Construction paper is your friend, especially if you have young children in your home. And craft paper, I mean who doesn’t like craft paper? And paper doilies don’t even get me started. I feel a “Pinter-vention” coming on, even as I’m typing. So how about getting out all your paper and some scissors and maybe a little twine this Valentine’s Day? You can make all kinds of Valentine’s Day designs including a craft paper garland for your mantel place and a Valentine bouquet for your favorite vase. And while you’re making a mess anyway, you could create some fun, home-made Valentine’s Day cards for all the loves in your life.

Have a lovely February 14th, my friends!

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