thrift bridal shower

Thrift Ideas For Bridal or Baby Shower

April 30, 2024
thrift baby bridal shower
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So someone in your world is getting married? Or Having a baby? And you’re the lucky one who has volunteered to throw them a shower. You are clearly a lovely person for volunteering to take on this sometimes gargantuan and expensive task. You want it to be wonderful and special, however, so you need to think outside the box. One of the ways you can do this is to head to your local thrift or consignment shop because they provide unique inspiration when it comes to a party. Consider these thrift ideas for your next bridal or baby shower and your party is sure to be a success.

thrift bridal shower
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Vintage Tea Cups Make Great Party Favors: A Great Thrift Idea For A Bridal or Baby Shower

A few years ago, we seriously considered no longer accepting vintage bones china cups and saucers. They were going nowhere…fast. But for the last two years we can’t seem to keep these babies in the shop. Why? Because people realize what a great party favor they make for baby and bridal showers. For just a few dollars each, every one of your guests can go home with a lovely, one-of–a-kind beauty. And scouring shops like Consignments Ltd. for just the right ones for your party is an enjoyable treasure hunt.

thrift bridal baby shower
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Use Colored Glassware For a Festive Touch

You can go traditional and gather blue glasses for a boy and pink for a girl or use colored glassware in the wedding colors. Or you can chose glassware in a rainbow of pastels for a spring or summer shower and darker colors for a fall or winter party. They creativity is up to you. The point is that this quality glassware is available and inexpensive at thrift and consignment stores. With this little touch your party will be like no other your guests have been to.

thrift baby bridal showers

Search For Vintage Planters At Thrift and Consignment Shops For Unique Centerpieces For Bridal and Baby Showers

A customer of the store actual told me about this one. They scored a number of different vintage “baby-themed” planters (the kind that flower arrangements were sent in back in the day). Then they used these planters, with fresh-cut flowers, as the centerpieces for their baby shower. You could also use them on your buffet table to serve olives, nuts and the like. For a bridal shower you can use planters all in one color family, all square glass, etc. You get the idea.

thrift baby bridal shower

Use Vintage Toys For A Unique Vibe

If you’re lucky you may find a collection of old alphabet blocks to use at your shower. Some shops sell them by the letter and that’s ok too. You can spell out the names of the bride and groom or the baby-to-be. You can also use them for words of welcome or gratitude. Or maybe you find a vintage dump truck or wagon to house the gifts or favors, even the centerpiece. The toys themselves will speak to you. Just have fun with it!

vintage baby shower

Vintage Veils, Shoes and Baby Clothing Make Great Decor

Vintage clothing and shoes make great party decor. Hang a few vintage baby tops on a “clothesline” behind the gift table. Or use a vintage veil in the same way. Old wedding or baby shoes will make unique centerpieces or table scape accessories. And if it’s a bridal shower, give them to the bride afterwards for “something old.”

thrift bridal shower

Old Chalkboards Make Great Welcome Signs

And lastly, the tried-and-true, vintage chalkboard is a great way to send a message of welcome or of thanks to your shower guests. Try phrases like:

  • Oh baby, we’re glad you’re here.
  • Thank you for showering us with love today.
  • Thanks for helping us tie a good knot.
  • We are so happy you’re here.
  • Thanks for sharing this day with us.
  • And so the adventure begins…

This is another way to let your creativity shine. And when you use vintage and thrift finds at your shower it will be a party that seldom will forget. For more party ideas, check out my previous blog: Inexpensive and Thoughtful Touches for Your Next Graduation Party or Wedding.

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Have a lovely day, my friends. Marianne

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