Christmas ornament story

The Christmas Ornament Story

December 24, 2023
ornament story
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It’s Christmas Eve. And my tiny, little tree is sparkling in the candlelight. We went smaller and faux this year because we have been traveling, so I’ve had to be judicious in the ornaments that I’m using to decorate this sweet little girl. Even with less ornaments this year, I’m struck by the story, the Christmas ornament story, that my tree tells. And I’m wondering about yours. What story does it tell?

Christmas ornament stories
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Childhood Memories: Part of The Christmas Ornament Story

When my Mom moved into a condo a few years ago, one of the things she did was to get a small, table-top Christmas tree. That meant that years and years of Christmas ornaments, from our big family tree, had to find a new home. She laid them all out on the dining room table and gave us all a go. What sparked your interest? Or memory? Or joy? My tree has several of the ones I chose. They represent happy memories of my past. Every year when they find a branch, I am reminded of these lovely, childhood memories.

ornaments tell our story

Then There’s The “Travel Log,” Also Part of The Christmas Ornament Story

My tree has a cable car from that summer trip to San Francisco as well as a hula dancer from Bruce and my first trip together to Maui. There’s a Scottish bagpiper and an Eiffel Tower ornament. A Portuguese tile ball is one of the newer ones and there’s a cinnamon-scented wax turtle from our trip to Booth Bay last summer. I look at the tree and mentally travel back to these places from the Christmas ornament story.

Christmas ornament story

Milestone Markers and Moment Makers Are A Favorite Part of The Christmas Ornament Tale

Libby played the clarinet, way back in the day. That instrument, in miniature, is shining brightly. When she moved to Texas for grad school, we got a cowboy boot ornament. Joe adored the movies, Free Willy and Pinocchio, so there’s Santa on an Orca and the wooden puppet with the pull-string to make him dance. Charlotte was gifted a Christopher Radko to mark her Christening and a glass volleyball when she started to play in high school. And there are other ornaments that mark the bittersweet moments, like the cardinal I received the year I lost my Dad. My tree brings all that back to me, in one place, for one shining month in December.

christmas ornament story

And The Funny Ones…

My kids fight over Santa in the Ferrari and who gets to put it on the tree. When I die, I will definitely need to specify who gets this one in my will. (Remember, it will be the one who’s nicest to Mom. LOL) It was a silly gift from a neighbor but it is a funny favorite. The leg lamp ornament, from A Christmas Story, that I picked up in Cleveland at the museum dedicated to the movie, always gets a special spot. It has fringe detail that moves with the moment and it’s total silliness makes even the biggest Grinch smile. Then there’s Sponge Bob and the yard sale sign and even a cocktail shaker. The tree makes us grin and laugh and sigh. And the Christmas ornament story gets bigger and brighter and more full of love.

Insider Tip: Consignment shops may not be able to replace those family memories, but stores like Consignments Ltd. are really good resources for ornaments, especially the funny one! So, if you have a tree, or celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas ornament story and I hope that it continues to grow bigger and more glorious with each passing year.

And Now For A Little Music Before We Go…

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Merry Christmas, my friends. Marianne


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    December 24, 2023 at 6:03 am

    This walk down memory lane with Christmas ornaments brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written as always! Have a safe, healthy and happy holiday!
    Carol Brock

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      December 24, 2023 at 7:13 am

      Thank you so much. And Merry Christmas to you and your family, as well.

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