How To Keep Knives Sharp: Three Cutting Edge Tips

May 15, 2022

(Pun Definitely Intended!)

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I do most of the cutting and chopping when Bruce and I cook. He does most of the cleaning up, which is fabulous, because I am a seriously messy cook. Ironically, even though I’m the one who’s slicing and dicing, it’s, Bruce who, on top of all the cleaning, is sharpening the knives that I use. Every time I pull one out, it’s as sharp as the day we bought it (maybe even sharper).

Having quality knives that are well-sharpened is a delight for me and I’d dare say it’s true for any cook. What I have learned recently, though, is that some of the things that I have been doing with my knives are actually contributing to their dulling (and making more work for Bruce, LOL). In an article I found recently from thekitchn.com I have been set straight. I am happy to summarize it here for you today, because every cook deserves good tools… and that definitely includes sharp knives.

To keep your knives as sharp as possible between sharpening, make sure to:

1. Say No To The Dishwasher

You’d think that the dishwasher would be a great way to disinfect your knives, and this may be the truth, but the dishwasher is actually terrible for the health of your knives. Not only will the water pressure move the knives around and dull them, but the dishwasher soap is actually abrasive enough to erase the sharpness of your knives. If you want sharp knives, it’s always best to hand wash them (CAREFULLY!).

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2. Protect The Blade In The Drawer or On The Counter

Placing your knives directly in the drawer is also pretty bad for them. Not only is it a safety hazard to have a sharp knife in a drawer that you are reaching your hand into, but it’s also a way to make your knives dull. Things banging up against your knives in the drawer will dull them quickly. It’s best to keep your knives in the sheaths or in a knife block to keep them as sharp as possible.

sharp cutting edge of knife
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3. Use The Knife Only For Cutting

This is one that I really had no idea about, and I do this all the time whilst cooking: I cut and chop with my knife and then I use the knife to scrape what I’ve chopped into what I’m making. This, apparently, is a big no-no. Using your knife as a scraper is a way to rapidly dull your knife and it’s especially bad if you are using a wooden cutting board. A better bet is to get yourself a scraper for this step, or use a flexible, plastic cutting board and pick it up and use your hands and gravity to get what you’ve chopped where it needs to be.

A Final Thought…

It’s pretty easy to keep your knives sharp if you follow these three, easy tips. Cooking will be more of a joy with good tools that are in great shape. Enjoy!

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