Quick Tips For Creating a Fall Centerpiece

November 7, 2023

Oh how I love the Fall. There’s apple picking and pumpkin gathering. The leaves are changing and crunching. I love it for so many reasons, but one of the major ones is the opportunities it offers to decorate. I know… you’re shocked. One of the primary things I change seasonally in my home is my table centerpiece. With an open-plan living and dining room, you can see it from a lot of my downstairs, so it’s worth the extra effort to make it attractive. Creating a Fall centerpiece can be fun and easy if you follow a few simple guidelines…

creating a Fall centerpiece

Start with a Table Runner When Creating a Fall Centerpiece

A runner is a great way to start when creating a table scape or centerpiece. A runner anchors the scape, gives color and/or texture and protects the table all at the same time. You can use a traditional runner made for this purpose in a lovely fall tone or a neutral basic, but you can also think outside the box for a runner: use a paisley pashmina from your closet, or a piece of burlap from the craft store. You can also use a piece of fabric or three placemats in a row. The runner provides the base for your creativity.

Insider Tip: Table runners are readily available at thrift and consignment stores, like Consignments Ltd.

Use a Container For Center Section When Creating a Fall Centerpiece

If you use a container to house the elements in the center of your scape/centerpiece you will happy about it. The container (like an old wooden box, an old tool box, a high-sided tray, a wood slice or a low, casserole type dish) will help to contain your elements and make the design easier to achieve. A container will also make it easier to whisk-away the scape/centerpiece if you need the space of the entire table. Again, so many creative containers are available at your local thrift or consignment store. Let your creativity flow!

Fall centerpiece

Add Natural Elements in Pairs When Creating a Fall Centerpiece

Fall offers so many natural and artificial elements to work with it’s crazy. You can start with a pair of large pumpkins and work your way down to pairs of smaller gourds and then add Fall leaves, cotton boils or fall flowers. Working in pairs placed at opposite sides will give visual balance to the centerpiece. A single item in the center is the only exception. It can be a candle or one larger item.

Fall centerpiece
Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

Add Candles for Ambiance and Your Centerpiece Will Glow

Add candles (preferably battery powered or ones set inside fireproof containers) to add ambiance and light to your table scape/centerpiece. Candles are also good to use in pairs. Pairs give balance to your design. You can opt for a center candle either alone or flanked by pairs of candles.

Fall centerpiece
My Fall Centerpiece (minus the runner)

Personalize It For An Even Nicer Fall Centerpiece

I’m not a big fan of orange. I’ve fessed-up to this in previous blogs like: How To Decorate With Pumpkins. But this doesn’t stop me from decorating extensively for Fall. I personalize my centerpiece in a couple of different ways. I don’t use orange but I use other neutral tones to create the look. I use silver and mercury glass with creams and tans. The other way I personalize is by bringing in coastal elements like shells and sea stars to mix with my gourds and pumpkins. This keeps the centerpiece with the overall vibe of my home. You can do this too with your table scape/centerpiece. Work in your favorite flowers (whether real or artificial), your favorite colors, photos of the grandkids dressed for Halloween or figures of birds, owls, squirrels or other “creatures” that make you happy. Go for it with joy and you’ll never go wrong.

A Few Final Thoughts

A table scape/centerpiece is a great way to bring the Fall into your home. But remember, if you can’t see over it you’re going to have to remove it for meals (unless, of course, you don’t like your friends or family). Also, if you choose to use natural versus artificial elements in your table scape/centerpiece, check it periodically for rot. You definitely don’t want a “stinky scape” on your hands.

And Now For a Little Music Before We Go…

Have a lovely day, my friends. Marianne

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