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4 Tips For Cleaner Floors

January 23, 2024
tips for cleaner floors

They say that when you’re on a diet, one of the hardest things is that you still have to eat. With willpower, God’s grace and luck, you can give up things like cigarettes, gambling, liquor, but you can’t give up food. The same type of thing applies to your floors. You can get them so clean that you could eat spaghetti and meatballs off of them, but then you have to walk on them again… and… well…you get the dilemma. But there are some easy tips for cleaner floors. They will stem the perpetual “dirt tide,” and you’ll have cleaner floors. Just consider the following…

Shoe drop area for cleaner floors
Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Best Tip for Cleaner Floors: Go Shoeless Inside

In places like Finland, Sweden, Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is common to take your shoes before entering someone’s home. Additionally, in some American cultures, people go shoeless inside. A lot of the U.S., however, has yet to adopt this tradition. In the Nordics, they remove shoes to limit ice and snow (and then, or course, water) . In many other places, no shoes keeps out the sand, soil and other debris and preserves their beautiful carpets.

These shoeless places know something and we can learn from it. You can adapt this habit as your own. Create a shoe-drop area inside your entryway. You will have much cleaner floors as a result. If you think your guests might think this an odd request, you can always provide a small stash of (indoor only) slippers that they can wear to replace their shoes whilst in your home. Go shoeless for a week, as a test, you’ll thank me for it.

A muck mat for cleaner floors

Get a “Muck Mat” : A Great Tip For Cleaner Floors

We have sliders out to the backyard and gardens at our home. One day we finally realized that this is the point of entry for most of the dirt and debris on our hardwoods. Enter what I like to call the “Muck Mat.” It’s a great, quick tip for cleaner floors. And by a muck mat, I mean a textured, waterproof area rug that is meant for doorways. We got ours at L.L. Bean, but a lot of retailers offer them, including Frontgate and Lands’ End.

These rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes and they are meant to catch the mess. We have found, since getting this little beauty, that our floors stay cleaner a lot longer. They are not exactly cheap, as throw rugs and doormats go ($79 for a 24″x36″ rug), but they are definitely worth the money. Besides, there’s always a coupon hanging around the internet somewhere. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can definitely hose them off in the yard.

Insider Tip: Stores like Consignments Ltd. are a great resource for area rugs, including, sometimes, muck mats. And rugs at thrift and consignment are definitely a “best buy.’ Check out other consignment best buys in my previous blog: Consignment Shop Best Buys.

tips for cleaner floors
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Have Your Pets Groomed Regularly

Dogs and cats are some of the best stuff of life, but they definitely do a number on your floors. Hair and fur, plus everything your pet brings in on their feet contribute to your floor mess. You can take your pet to a groomer or check out your local pet supply store for a great place to bathe your pet inexpensively. This has the added benefit of leaving the mess at the store. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much cleaner your floors are when your pet is cleaner and the real bonus: they smell better too! LOL

Vacuum Once a Week or Consider a Robotic Vacuum – A Tip For Cleaner Floors

If you love to vacuum, like Bruce, vacuuming at least once a week is not a hardship – in fact, it’s a joy. For the rest of us mere humans, it may seem like drudgery. Love it or hate it, regular vacuuming is definitely the easiest and most basic way to keep up with the floors. Have a crazy-busy schedule, love tech or just want an easier way to check this one off your to-do list, then consider a robotic vacuum. You can set them up to work with Alexa or other virtual assistants or your can use them via a remote.

We have a robotic vacuum and we love what we affectionately call “Robo Cop.” I am always amazed at the amount of stuff that he picks up, even with all of Bruce’s vacuuming. We run Robo Cop at least once a week when we go to bed and wake up to cleaner floors – which, of course, then we are forced to walk on again. Oh well, it’s sweet while it lasts…

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Have a lovely day, my friends. Marianne

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