why consign your stuff

Best Reasons to Consign Your Stuff

March 5, 2024
why consign your stuff
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After my recent blog on the 90/90 Rule For De-Cluttering (link below), one of my readers, Dee, wrote to me about how much she likes my writing. (Aw, shucks). She said that she really liked the ideas I put forth about the 90/90 Rule, but what she needed to gather was motivation to de-clutter. Oh course I laughed at that, but then I got to thinking: what ARE the best reasons to de-clutter and consign your stuff? So, here you go…

best reasons to consign stuff
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Money: One of The Best Reasons to Consign Your Stuff

Consignments Ltd., my brick-and-mortar store, sells 93% of everything that comes in. And we pay our consignors 50% of whatever their items sell for. If that’s not motivation enough to go through your stuff, I’m not sure what is. The money you can make selling your unwanted or unused items is one of the best reasons I can think of to consign your stuff. Think Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire and “Show Me The Money!

Insider Tip: Different consignment shops in different locales have different rules. Make sure you check with them before driving up with a load. And study-up with this blog for: Tips on Being a Good Consignor.

reasons to consign
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Planet Earth: Another Best Reason To Consign Your Stuff

According to The United States EPA and The New York Times, “Each year, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture, creating mountains of solid waste that have grown 450 percent since 1960…” and that’s just in the U.S.! And fabric? Don’t even get me started! According to Roadrunner Recycling, “The average US consumer throws away approximately 81.5 pounds of clothes annually, leading to an estimated 11.3 million tons of textile waste in America alone.” You know we can do better than that. Consigning instead of trashing is one good thing you can do to help with this problem.

reasons to consign
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Your Home: It’s One of The Best Reasons to Consign Your Stuff

And now back to my reader, Dee. She knows she wants to de-clutter, but she needs motivation. Well I think your home is the number one best reason to consign your stuff. Because by lightening your load and divesting yourself of unwanted items, your home will be more streamlined, be more comfortable and actually function better for you. When you can open your closet and find the exact thing you’re looking for, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. When you open your utensil drawer and are not confronted by a tangled mess, another sigh. You get the idea? I hope you feel the motivation gurgling up, Dee.

For other tips on de-cluttering, check out my previous blogs: Secrets To De-Cluttering: The KonMari Method (Marie Kondo) , The 20/20 Rule of De-Cluttering and The 90/90 Rule For De-Cluttering.

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