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Travel Items To Avoid Buying Second-Hand

June 18, 2023
avoid travel items second hand
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Last Sunday we talked about travel items that are great buys on consignment. Things like scarves to keep you stylish and warm and totes to keep all your necessities at hand when aboard the plane or train. And we covered other great travel buys in my previous blog: Best Travel Items To Buy From Thrift and Consignment Stores. Today, I want to discuss what NOT to buy. Travel items to avoid buying second-hand are few but important. Steer clear of…

travel items to avoid second-hand
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Travel-Related Electronics Are Chancy Second-Hand

Even though TikTok Influence (@LiftThriftRepeat) scored that GPS that we spoke of last Sunday, I would avoid used electronics that are not new-in-the-box. That Kindle may look good but it’s loaded with software issues. That digital camera may seem like a steal until you realize that the company no longer supports updates. If you’re an electronics expert, by-all-means buy those second-hand items, but if not, there’s so much that can go wrong with electronics. I don’t think it’s really worth it.

Hats are travel items to avaoid second hand
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Hats Are Generally A No-No Second-Hand, Unless You know The Trick

Who doesn’t like a great straw hat to go with their new swimsuit on the beach? Or a cute baseball hat for that hike in the mountains? Thrift and consignment shops often sell all kinds of second-hand hats. But buyer beware. Hats can harbor pests (yes, you just read that – gross). No one wants that. Not EVER. So generally I’d avoid travel hats second-hand unless they can be washed, in your washing machine on a hot water setting. But if you find a great deal on a non-washable hat, and you decide to score it, do yourself a favor: place the second-hand hat in a sealed plastic bag and put it in your freezer at 5 degrees Farenheit for 10 or more hours. This will kill anything nasty that the hat could be harboring.

avoid sneakers second hand
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Shoes For Travel Should Be Avoided Second-Hand

Feet are funny. They do so much work for us on the daily, but one little problem with your foot can throw your whole body into a tailspin. Second-hand travel shoes, like sneakers and hiking sandals, can contribute to these problems. Remember, people’s feet sweat. This warm, dark environment is ripe for the development of foot issues like plantar warts and athlete’s foot. Why borrow someone else’s issue by putting your foot into their messy shoe.

FitDay.com also weighs in on second-hand shoes. “It’s also worth it to note that when buying used athletic shoes, much of the support will likely have been lost. Support is needed to maintain support and absorb shock. Without the support, you are at higher risk of injury.” As for me, I do not buy second-hand travel shoes, but if I happen to spy a pair of used Christian Louboutin pumps at Savers, all bets are off.

Have a lovely day, my friends. Marianne

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