Creative Uses For Dryer Sheets: 6 Great Tips

December 19, 2021
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I love multi-purpose items and dryer sheets are chief among them. I use dryer sheets in the laundry, or course, but there are so many other things that dryer sheets are good for. Just consider these alternative uses…

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Clean Your Iron

Yup! You know that nasty stuff that builds up on the flat iron from absolutely nowhere? Well, run the iron, on low heat, over a dryer sheet (unused) and viola! Gunk gone!

Remove Deodorant Marks

Ok. So I hate putting on an adorable outfit, getting where I’m going, only to find out that I have white deodorant marks all over my clothing! Ugh! Enter the dryer sheet. Dryer sheets (unused), rubbed on these marks will easily remove them. It’s a great trick and the dryer sheet tucked into your purse (waiting for such an emergency) gives it a nice scent, all-the-while. It’s a win-win.

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Clean Up Pet Hair

My dog, Ellie, is a golden doodle. Bless her heart, she doesn’t shed, thanks to her mom who was a black, standard poodle named Lady Marmalade. For those of you with shedding dogs, however, you are going to be really happy about this tip: Dryer sheets (unused) take pet hair off of clothing and upholstery like magic. It’s a great trick to know – both in an emergency and on the daily.

Due to Static Cling socks and tie sticked or attracted to tshirt

Repel Static Cling on Your Clothing and Hair

I use this trick at the store all the time as we keep dryer sheets on hand for a later mentioned use (see stinky drawers and chests below). When my outfit is clinging to me like a frightened two year old, I simply wipe the sheet on both garments and bye-bye clinging kiddo.

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Line a Pot

Did you ever have a pot that leached dirt out the drain hole and messed up you deck, table or floor? Whether the soil is too dry and leaks out as dust or too wet and you have mud, either way you have a mess. If you line the bottom of the planter/pot with a dryer sheet (in this case used is best) you will allow water to flow through but not dirt. Yay!

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Get The Stink Out of Drawers and Chests

At Consignments Ltd. we use dryer sheets all the time. Being a beach community we often suffer from the musty smell of closed up homes or damp spaces. Dryer sheets (unused) are a great way to remove the musty smell from drawers, trunks and chests. They need to stay in the offending space for a few days to work, but they remove the odor permanently, so it’s well worth the time it takes.

A Final Thought…

Most of the tips here are for used dryer sheets. You can use the sheets again in your dryer that you’ve used to repel static cling or remove deodorant marks, but please don’t try to reuse the pet hair removal, iron-cleaning or stinky drawer ones. As always… be safe out there, my friends… and have fun!


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    December 19, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    Love the dryer sheet tips. A frirend told me that they also repel bedbugs!!! So, I always keep a few dryer sheets in my suitcase (just in case). It was a good tip in days of old, but hopefully we all will be traveling again sooner than later. Happy New Year!

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      December 19, 2021 at 6:16 pm

      Thanks so much for adding an additional tip. They’re going my my suitcase for sure!

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